Control your X10 lights from a Raspberry Pi

Ever wanted to control your lights from a Raspberry Pi?
Have a spare X10 CM11 device laying around?
Lets put them together and make the lights shine again!

Step 1 – Prepare your Raspberry Pi

In a previous post I wireless installed a clean version of Raspbian on a Raspbian Pi 3.

Step 2 – Connect your CM11 device to the USB port of the Raspberry Pi

We can check if all is hunky dory by issuing the command


In the output we see something like:

pl2303 converter now attached to ttyUSB0

Step 2 – Install HEYU

Connect to the device and run following command:

tar xf heyu-2.10.tar.gz
cd heyu-2.10
sh ./Configure
sudo make install

When asked “Where would you like the sample Heyu configuration file installed?” choose:

The next question asks the serial port device name from above. In most cases, the answer here will be:

We are almost done, now lets set up the deamon by:

heyu info

After this is done, we can issue commands to the CM11:

heyu on a1
heyu off a1

One thought on “Control your X10 lights from a Raspberry Pi”

  1. Just wondering why you choose 1). as the default as the place for Heyu config rather than 3), for system wide access..or is it irrelevant with only one user? I used selection 3 installed in /etc/heyu/


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