My first SharePoint webpart

A few months ago I created my first SharePoint webpart.
The conceptual idea was to have a webpart where items from the contenttype calendar would be aggregated and displayed to the enduser in the form of an eventlist.
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Regular expression? No Wiener Melange for me please….

This is what most of us will say when we hear the term “Regular expression”. No it’s not a brand new coffee brand, no it isn’t the most common used (and therefore regular) facial expression of the world. No this time I’m talking about some sort of query language used by freaky developers. Recently my program experience is expanding (fast or slow, it IS expanding) and from time to time I literally bounce of a new subject.
Regular expressions is just one of them.
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Fighting against ignorance

Yesterday I started, what seemed like, a little side project. The idea was very straightforward, just write a little GUI to control some installation scripts. Soon after finishing the brainstorm session I eagerly started to code the little thingy.
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